Who is Global Rabbits?

We are an IT Consultancy based in the US that partners with you to build high-quality technology solutions.

What does Global Rabbits do?

We provide extremely talented developers that live near you and represent a quality, cost effective solution to your development needs.

How would we work with Global Rabbits?

Any way you want to. We build teams to create whatever you need, either turnkey or as part of your team. We can structure our engagement to suit your specific needs, be that an MSA with individual SOWs, or a contract with SLAs specifically defined, whatever works best for.

How do you find your people?

We've been curating a bench of talented professionals for many years, so most of our experts come from our long term relationships with individuals.That said, we have some of the best recruiters in all of LATAM for when we need to find that special expert.

Is Global Rabbits expensive to work with?

No, we offer some of the best rates in the industry, and we charge special rates for building a bench, we also provide a tiered pricing model that makes hiring more of our team members significantly more appealing.

Why would I want to work with you?

Service. Cultural fit. Talented experts that represent the best LATAM has to offer. Flexibility to work with us how you want, and a guarantee that every member of our development team will meet your specific needs.

What is your minimum contract length?

90 days is our minimum, though we can offer better rates for longer term engagements.

We make IT easier

We partner with our clients by building digital teams that extend
their capabilities and allow them to leverage our talented
nearshore experts.

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